MEU April 2020 newsletter

MEU April 2020 newsletter

April passed by while everyone quarantined at homes but it would be not fair to say that life has stopped. It did not stop our music industry either. So it’s time to see what’s good and not really happened this April.

Study has shown, that during the quarantine online bullying and overall the level of stress went up - so a dozen of Ukrainian artists stood against haters. And there was the one who became a winner -  now he will record a song with Alina Pash. 

Alina Pash is an ethno hip-hop princess, that became unprecedented after chanting her additional verse to the Ukrainian national anthem on the Independence day ceremony in 2019. Recently she released a part of a new song called Vysokomirni (“Arrogant people”) directed against the people who can only criticize other people's actions without doing anything. The next day she launched the #протихейт (“Anti-hate”) challenge, in which everyone willing could write the second verse of the song and put it on video. The only precondition for a verse - it must be devoted to the problem of insults, harassment, and hatred. 

Many emerging and established Ukrainian artists took part in the contest, such as Ivan Dorn, Julia Yurina (YUKO), Wavy Dem, DenDaFunk, XXV kadr, Dyadya Vova, Kesh and many others. Alina selected 6 contestants to the finals, and then by a viewer’s vote XXV kadr has won. Excited for the upcoming collaboration.

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To keep Ukrainian music from silence during the quarantine, the Kyiv-based concert crew Kontrabass Promo offered the idea of the online festival to the key members of the local indie organizations to build cultural bridges across all major cities of Ukraine. City by city formed a kind of train route. In result occurred a large-scale festival with more than 20 music groups from 10 cities, such as Vinnytsia, Dnipro, Lviv, Ternopil, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Khmelnytskyi, Chernivtsi, Exactly, Odessa. 

On April 18, it occurred a live-broadcasted online festival that lasted 12 hours called "Intercity Live – intercity connection". It was called that way because the fast-train destination to all major cities in Ukraine is called Intercity. The program of the Festival included concerts, theatrical performances and interviews of such bands as Mary and Magdalen (TseSho), Ofliyan, Sheetel & the Good Stuff, Tik Tu, Sasha Boole and others. Second edition of the festival will take place mid-May.

What else?

  • The quarantined world adjusting to the new realities created a trend for national charity music marathons. Ukraine could not resist to it and organised its largest up to date online event #razomvdoma (togetherathome). The marathon lasted for 10 hours and united over 40 celebrities to raise funds to support Ukrainian medical workers fighting against COVID-19.  The team of Ukrainian musicians also created the musical hymn of the project, which was recorded on the artists’ gadgets from their homes - thus emphasizing the need for self-isolation. Popular musicians, such as KAZKA, Artem Pivovarov, Alina Pash, YUKO,  Pianoboy, TVORCHI and famous TV hosts, athletes, dancers and bloggers shared their quarantine experience.  
  • A moment of sadness. Atlas weekend – the biggest live music festival in Eastern Europe was postponed to July 2021.  Crew is currently working on bringing the announced artists in the next year.  
  • The formation of Ukrainian artists that creates modern operas NOVA OPERA, has announced their new opera about Zwentendorf and Chornobyl nuclear power plants named "Chornobyldorf".  We are excited because, their latest opera IYOV has been included by Music Theater NOW to the ten most outstanding musical works of contemporary art. So the team of Ukrainian artists from NOVA OPERA are closely cooperating with Austrian artists exploiting the method of multilayered cultural and media archeology, fieldwork and residential rehearsals. They are going to portray the epochs - democracy in Austria and Soviet totalitarianism in Ukraine based on the transformation the active man-made objects to archeological symbols of nuclear history. You can track them here.