MEU March 2020 newsletter

MEU March 2020 newsletter

Despite the fact that spring 2020 shocked us with the challenges we’ve never met before, we still want to update you with some positive news from the Ukrainian music scene. 

We believe that the spirit of solidarity and mutual efforts will help us to overcome the current situation and become a better version of ourselves. So, what’s new? 

On March 9th, the new history of Ukrainian culture and music began with the updated version of the Shevchenko National Prize. This award operates since 1961, and not it was transformed from the “conferment of the government allies” following the Soviet approach to the celebration of the currents of Ukrainian culture in 2020.  

Art representatives in a field of literature, journalism/publishing, theater, visual arts, and music got their awards. We are super delighted to announce that one of the most internationally acclaimed Ukrainian bands DakhaBrakha was chosen as music laureate of 2020. All their previous experience was taken into consideration along with their latest (till that date) album “The Road”. Released in 2016, the album presents the world music adaptation of the Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar folk songs that were collected in several Ukrainian regions. 

Besides, last Friday DakhaBrakha released their new album “Alambari”, recorded in Brazil.  You would definitely like to give it a listen.

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One more story of a big success is soon to happen. The Hardkiss  — a Kyiv-based alternative rock band — announced their big stadium concert at NSC Olimpiyskiy dedicated to their tenth birthday in May 2021. This is a big deal to Ukraine as we finally have our own “Wembley” as a success indicator of our most ambitious musicians.

Before it was fully sold only by global superstars such as Madonna, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Depeche Mode, Imagine Dragons, Shakira and Enrique Iglesias. Thus, The Hardkiss  aims to become the third Ukrainian artist to sell out the stadium after local record-holders Okean Elzy (twice) who gathered around a hundred thousand viewers there and Monatik, who danced along with seventy thousand fans.

What else?

  • Let music play! The current situation around the pandemic of COVID-19 and quarantine measures stopped the live industry and moves it into the online live industry. Many Ukrainian musicians in support of #stayathome campaign were doing their best to keep people at home by entertaining them online. YUKO and The Hardkiss did online recitals, Jamala did the covers together with her session musicians, and TVORCHI band recorded the track with “quarantine sounds” :) 
  • Alyona Alyona in Forbes. Another great news goes from a local rap/hip-hop sensation Alyona Alyona. The European Forbes released the fifth annual Under 30 Europe list, which highlights young visionary leaders who courageously reshaping business and influencing the society. Among others are such personas as Greta Thunberg, Cara Delevingne, and Ukrainian hip-hop blast Alyona Savranenko aka Alyona Alyona. Forbes praises Alyona’s achievements on musical stages all over Europe introducing Ukrainian rap to the world while having her background as a kindergarten teacher. 
  • Also, Ukrainian online magazine Slukh conducted a marathon of online concerts Quarantine LIVE  to support themselves as an independent media and to gain some funds to support the musicians. We saw a complete one-hour gig by Krutь  – solo singer and bandurist, who was leading local semi-final to Eurovision Song Contest 2020, dream-pop band Gurt [O], Ukrainian-American rock heroes The Gitas (ex-Dymna Sumish) and others. 
  • As you already know, Tallinn  Music Week and Enea Spring Break, where we supposed to bring our artists and delegations, were postponed to later dates this year. Hope to see you there! Till then, stay tuned and healthy!