MEU September 2021 newsletter

MEU September 2021 newsletter

The first month of autumn is over, and it brought us… a break from the festival season, we guess. Which is actually not bad as despite the little amount of events, September opened to us tons of good music stuff!

So, instead of a regular ‘monthly news report’, we’d like to present to you a quick guide to the Top-5 Ukrainian releases of September that will blow your music mind. 

Just a sec! Before we dive into the fresh releases, we’d like to invite you to the upcoming showcase festival we are proud to take part in — Budapest Showcae Hub 2021. It will take place on 21-22, October in Budapest (Hungary) with 2 selected artists from Ukraine: 

Disappeared Completely | 21 Oct. @  Központ @ 9:00 pm

A Ukrainian electronic indie-pop trio that will make your life feel like a real-time movie. The cinematic music of Disappeared Completely blends soothing acoustics with smooth electronic synths and organic duo-vocals. It’s like The XX married Massive Attack with Radiohead’s mood. More than a million streams won’t lie, so join the club.

Gurt [O] | 21 Oct. @ Toldi Klub @ 11:00 pm

Cosmic and sleek band Gurt [O] plays ‘future pop’ electronic dance music with complex harmonies and broken rhythms, glued together with an appealing light-weight vocal. Their enchanting frontwoman and mystic beatmaker create an otherworldly atmosphere, which takes you to the dance parties of year 3000. If you've ever wanted to hear the music of the future, don’t miss your chance.

Now let’s get back to the hottest releases of September. Note: we’ll number them all as #1 because each and every song is #1 to us (or we just couldn’t agree on the final ranking in our team).

✅ Komissiya - Tu Es Magnifique (indie-pop, funk) 
Warm summer vibes with a bit of nostalgia from a Kyiv indie band. Hard break-up feelings are conveyed in light-weight funky music. Apparently, everybody processes such life situations differently.

✅ Tvorchi - Electrify (electronic / dance) 
A fairly well-known duo that never fails to create radio-friendly dance hits. Electrify is one of them — a dance floor melodic love song you’d like to dance to all night long (even if you’re 30+).

✅ Море Нуар ft. Anergia - Чужие Мысли (rap / trip-hop) 
Dark ambient rap with enchanting trip-hop beats (you might think that Scriptonite stopped by to record a vocal line or two). This is an EP opener that shamelessly drags you into the full EP listening, no matter how hard you try to resist.

 ✅ Iride - Poison (dark electronic / trip-hop) 
Is it Ukrainian Sevdaliza or Sevdaliza in Ukrainian? Either way, this track is pretty much like a snake that hypnotizes you at first with winding vocals and then firmly ‘hugs’ you with its crescent tense beats until the very end… of a song.   

 ✅ Flamingdom - Cherry Blossoms (indie singer-songwriter)  
Melancholic old-fashioned music with relevant topics of self-reflection, day-to-day struggles, and sincere feelings. Emotional instrumentals accompany a grown-up voice — such a song could easily fit into the TV drama series’ OST.