MEU February Newsletter 2021

MEU February Newsletter 2021

Can’t believe it's finally the end of winter! February flew by so fast, but it was not boring at all. 

Together with British Council Ukraine's team we had a pleasure to organize international music industry forum Selector PRO 2021, which was attended by guests from 52 countries! 😱 Along with tons of networking activities, we have covered the following topics both from Europe and from Asia: 

  • What might the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic be on the future shape of the music industry? 
  • How can artists stay engaged with their audience, and what have been the success stories over the past year? 
  • What were the success stories behind growing numbers in streaming? 
  • How did music professionals, artists and musicians manage to stay productive and look after their mental health in a highly stressful environment? 
No less fascinating event was waiting for us at the end of the month. Aprize Music Awards is an annual independent music award founded by Radio Aristocrats. The award aims to highlight the most outstanding album releases from Ukraine, regardless of their genre or prevalence. Last year our local rap sensation Alyona Alyona was awarded. 

During 2020, the Radio Aristocrats team had been listening to all the Ukrainian releases (around 600 works!) to select the best of them for a long list. Then a shortlist was determined by public voting, and juries had the final say. The award gathers well-respected international experts around itself, among which are Derek Mazone (KEXP), Oskar Strajn (ESNS), Tony Dukworth (PIAS Poland and Eastern Europe) and Mattias Tell (Westside Music Sweden). This year Alona Dmukhovska (Music Export Ukraine) also joined the judges team.

Drumroll... So, the main award for the Best Release of the year went to the DakhaBrakha's album "Alambari"Our congratulations to the band on the victory, their release definitely deserves this high rate. By the way, the award ceremony went offline, and generally February gave us some opportunities to visit live concerts. Good tendency!