MEU January Newsletter 2021

MEU January Newsletter 2021

Breaking into the new year with breathtaking announcements! The first month of 2021 passed very fast. Not so long ago we were enjoying the holiday break, and now look at how much news we have!

First, we're excited to invite you the international music industry forum Selector PRO 2021. Together with The British Council Ukraine, we reloaded the annual event in a new format. The forum will take place digitally on 12-14 February 2021, bringing music representatives from more than 15 countries both from Europe and Asia for a series of real-time networking events, working groups, discussions and workshops. Sounds promising, isn't it? Furthermore, the event is free to attend! Check the details and full programme at our website! All you need is to register, set your webcam and be ready for great networking!


New project Zmova ('conspiracy' in Ukrainian) by local promo agency aiming to save historical buildings with music. Many Ukrainian old sites have the same problem. While they’re popular settings for foreign film productions, without state support and public awareness, many buildings are waiting for their turn to crumble.

This project produced a series of four live music videos that featured young Ukrainian bands. Not only bands – the live shootings took place in the underrated historical locations of Kyiv, each of them used to be the epicentre of important historical events and cultural processes. Jazzy Hyphen Dash, rap by Kurgan, mind-blowing electronic by Ragapop and mysterious rock band entered the buildings to create the new narrative of art and historical senses. Who is the last one? Will see on February 9. Make sure you have English subtitles on!


Last but not least exciting news about our rap sensation alyona alyonaThis January she won the Music Moves Europe Talent Awards-2021 at the Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS), the EU's annual award for popular contemporary music. That means she will get a cash prize of 10,000 euros and a support package for career development from the award partners. She also received the most votes in the Public Choice Award nomination and will be presented with an additional 5,000 euros and an invitation to shoot a live session at the Deezer studio in Paris. Congratulations to the team!