Eurosonic Noorderslag 2019. The Netherlands

Sasha Boole is the Ukrainian Waylon, if Waylon were to be sympathetic. He wears a belt with holsters containing six harmonicas and a kazoo and he tells an anecdote about that he once brought a hairdresser for his girlfriend by way of Dutch local product and souvenir - and that he has no girlfriend since (Vice)
In Ukraine, there are still real cowboys. Sasha Boole is one of them. He once did twenty-four shows in twenty-four hours with a guitar and a harmonica. If you missed him in the subway, no worries, now he can play at Eurosonic. Unlike some other cowboys, he has real stories to tell; about his homeland where it does not always turn out to be all rose and moonshine. But sometimes also, because there are also simple love songs in his repertoire (Da Music)