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Music Export Ukraine is pleased to announce the launch of a comprehensive video course designed to educate and inform musicians and industry professionals on the nuances of the music industry. The project leader engaged romanian management company RAW Music and Slovakian LALA Slovak Music Export to bring international expertise, cases studies from the whole region and selection of the most professional experts on the chosen topics. 

This online music database is aimed at emerging musicians and industry representatives from Eastern Europe. The video series comprises of four comprehensive modules, exploring the most vital aspects of the music industry, including PR and artist communications, artist management, international booking and DIY touring, and the complexities of music publishing. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting your musical journey, this video course is a must-have for anyone looking to make a name for themselves in the music world.

Music Export Ukraine has enlisted the help of a number of industry experts from across Europe. These include Christian Holl Buhl of promo agency FACTORY 92 from Germany, Ellie Giles of Step Music Management from the UK, Florin Petrescu of Roton Music, one of the biggest and most influential Romanian music labels, and Katja Thalerov√° of LALA Slovak Music Export, that has extensive experience touring with independent artists in European. They share their wealth of knowledge and experience, providing a comprehensive guide for aspiring musicians and industry professionals.

Building communications for your music project. Christian Holl Buhl (Germany) is a Managing Partner at Hamburg-based music PR, marketing, and consulting agency FACTORY 92. He is an experienced music industry professional with rich experience in promoting and marketing bands, festivals, tours, recorded releases, and showcase events.

Artist Management. Ellie Giles (UK) is a music manager with 20 years of experience working in music. She has worked as a promoter and spent 7 years in A&R working at Universal UK. Running her own company Step Music Management, she has been a board member of the MMF (Music Managers Forum) for the last 4 years and is now a board member of EMMA (European Music Managers Alliance).

Live Music for Artists. Katja Thalerov√° (Slovakia) leads the partnership and sponsorship of the SHARPE festival and also works as a project manager of the LALA Slovak Music Export. She is also the booker and manager of Slovak bands God and Eve, Tolstoys, Timea, and Sam Handwich. Katja is involved as a production manager in Flaam, Next, and Mela music festivals.

Music Publishing. Florin Petrescu (Romania) is the Head of the Publishing Department at Roton Music Publishing - the largest independent Romanian record label.

The project was created with the financial support of the Stabilisation Fund for Culture and Education 2022 of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany and the Goethe-Institut. Don't miss this chance to access the free video series, and share the word with anyone who may be interested. Follow the provided link and unlock the full potential of your musical career today! Website | Youtube playlist