MEU July 2021 newsletter

MEU July 2021 newsletter

We crossed the equator of summer 2021, which is actually so far so good. The festival season continues, people slightly shift their focus from you-know-what and getting ready to celebrate the ‘season finale’. 

First bright event of July was Atlas Weekend — the long-awaited festival that gathers thousands of fans in Kyiv since 2015. However, this time organizers decided to stay on the safe side and invite mostly local artists, carrying foreign lineup over to the next year! Nevertheless, against all odds, the festival has been visited by more than 600 thousand listeners over 7 days, which is the festival’s new attendance record (in the times of pandemic, oh irony)! 

This year's event will be remembered not only for the literally ground-shaking Fatboy Slim show or sing-along GO-A performance — almost for the first time in the history of the Ukrainian scene, a coming out took place. Singer MELOVIN first kissed one of his female dancers and then a guy, causing controversial reactions yet helping others to feel comfortable with their ‘unorthodox’ choices. 

No less scandalous turned out to be a festival in Western Ukraine (Ternopil) — Faine Misto. The local city mayor accused the festival organizers of inviting the ‘anti-christian’ black-metal bands Batushka (Poland) & Belphegor (Austria). But he has got a strong push-back from the music fans in social media, who value the main festival’s principles —  freedom of choice & expression. 

And to close the sequence of July’s biggest music events — a large-scale festival of electronic music ICKPA. A former Soviet sanatorium on the outskirts of Kyiv has been converted into a live music venue by the team behind the world-renowned Georgian club, Bassiani. Among artists — the Detroit techno pioneer Jeff Mills (Underground Resistance), DVS1, Nicolas Lutz, and, of course, the beloved local artists. 

And moving away from the crowd but not from the loud music, a guitar manufacturer Universum Guitars opened the first in the Eastern Europe (and 8th in the world) museum of electric guitars — Universum Museum. Kyiv edition counts around 300 guitars, featuring the rare Fender Telecaster ’52, Gibson Les Paul Artisan, and many other iconic models. So here you go — another reason to visit Ukraine and get in touch with the music art.