MEU May newsletter 2021

MEU May newsletter 2021

May the music force be with you!

Time to say goodbye to the springtime and move on to the long-awaited summertime,  especially as this year promises to bring us concerts, festivals, and a number of other music events offline. Admit it, all of us couldn’t be happier. But before we jump into the festival season (hopefully), let’s see what May has brought to the table.

First, congratulations to Italy and the whole of Europe — Eurovision has been something truly special this year after a 1-year unprecedented break due to the pandemic. As this year’s winner Damanio David from Måneskin shouted on stage:  ‘Rock and roll never dies!’ — so does our hope for the upcoming COVID-free summer music season.

Proud to say that Go-A electro-folk band from Ukraine got in Eurovision’s Top-5, and it’s the first time when the song has been performed 100% in the Ukrainian language — achievement unlocked. 

But that’s not the only critically acclaimed artist Ukrainians can be proud of this month. And yep, we’re going back to digital space where musicians raise awareness on sensitive & social topics every day. Лилу45 (Lely45) is one of such artists who talk about the objectification of women in modern society and difficult relationships with parents, becoming the first Ukrainian artists who got into the Apple Music Artist Support program. 

Another success story goes to the rapper Krechet  — his clip ‘Засинай’ (eng. ‘go to sleep’) won the nomination ‘Best Music Video’ at the Music Video Underground Festival and the New York Film Festival ‘Oniros Film Awards New York’. A maniac in a mask chops officials with an ax — that’s how Krechet reflects on the topic of injustice and a huge gap between authorities and the regular people. If you are a tough guy/girl and not afraid of such harsh analogies — see for yourself why the music video got the 1st prize from the international judges.


On a more positive note, we’re happy to present to you an online archive of ancient Ukrainian folk songs gathered by Ukrainian-Canadian singer and ethnomusicologist Marichka Marchyk. This amazingly animated and interactive portal represents the folk song tradition of 14 ethnographic regions with ten genres each: from spring and winter songs to humorous and wedding ones. Don’t miss the chance to hear the authentic roots of Ukrainian music just with a couple of clicks!