MEU June 2020 newsletter

MEU June 2020 newsletter

First calendar month of Summer 2020 passed very fast - mostly because of heat produced by great projects and releases. So, take the glass of icy water and prepare yourself for a piece of hot news from Ukrainian music life for the last 30 days.

We are very excited about our cooperation with Ukrainian Institute within which we are bringing 6 Ukrainian artists to perform at the Waves Vienna on September 10-12! For the first time in its history, Ukraine was chosen as a co-focus country along with the United Kingdom as the motto of the festival’s focus countries in 2020 is “East meets West”.

The selection of the showcase artists will be done in July via open call by Waves Vienna representatives. As the Festival itself this year will be transformed into online version, the selected musicians will not be able to go to Vienna and perform live. But there is a nice benefit for them in obtaining a professional video of the live performance shot for the festival, which the artists will be able to use later for their promotion.

This will be our second year presenting Ukrainian music at Waves Vienna. Last year at the Festival we brought a colorful line-up of musicians such as Sasha Boole, Gurt [O], Tik Tu and Alyona Alyona. Stay tuned to find out who will sparkle Vienna this year!

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As the coronavirus pandemic still keeps music industry in crisis with prohibition of concerts and other public events, Ukrainian artists came up with a solution.  The veterans of Ukrainian rock scene Green Grey celebrating their 28th birthday made the first ever “vertical” gig at one of Kyiv hotels following all necessary social distancing rules.

The audience was located on the balconies of the hotel in groups up to 4 people, watching the stage with the musicians just in front of them - on one of the hotel’s nearby building.  For a better visualization of what is happening onstage - it was equipped with  3D-mapping technology. As a part of Green Gray’s upcoming tour they will construct such stages in another 10 Ukrainian cities. Needless to say that the concert was awaited and sold out a few days before the show. Upcoming gigs at this COVID-safe concert location will be held by another Ukrainian hip-hop legends TNMK, rock – buddies O.Torvald and pop-shenanigan Pianoboy.

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Looks like there is also a place for an innovative project initiated by an independent Ukrainian band in these times of crisis.

Ukrainian industrial band The Maunt in collaboration with director Natalia Tachynska shot a unique video for the song Blackout that is activated in motion. To watch the video, user should  go to a special website, run an interactive version and start walking or running fast. In the video the team used  aggressive, unstable  graphics and a specific way of shooting and editing to convey the state of running encapsulated in the song.  This experience primarily enriches the perception of music and music videos letting one sense it literally on a physical level. Also those, who will run the video till the end -  will get a small bonus with a backstage video, available on the mobile version only so far.