ESNS 2023. The Netherlands

Last week, an extensive Ukrainian delegation participated in one of the most influential music business events on the continent ESNS

During the conference time, we had an opportunity to lead a specially devoted thematic discussion, "Undiscovered Ukraine: what do you have to know about the music scene of the brave nation?", get some insights and predictions during "Metal music in Eastern Europe: stronger than ever?", have a personal talk with Igor Sydorenko (Stoned Jesus) during the Beer Crate Session, participate in futuristic talks by IMMF, numerous meetings with colleagues, partner projects and educational events. Also now, Music Export Ukraine is a happy member of ESNS exchange network, which gives us the opportunity to nominate our artists as the highlights of the program. This would give them more opportunities to be featured in international media and have more chances to be booked for European festivals.

Thank you to the whole ESNS team for the top event, and we are already looking forward to coming back next year!