Policy making 2022


Policy making was alway on our radar as an important part of our activity. In 2022 this importance of it was brought to another level. We were happy to contribute to various international initiatives, sharing our competences, visions and values.

On 20-21 of October our project manager Inna Lytovka joined an offline workshop in Warsaw, Poland organized by Cultural Relations Platform. It gathered more than 20 representatives of Ukrainian cultural organizations, as well as delegates of the key EU programmes and networks to make a deep-dive into the needs assessment and jointly develop recommendations for EU-Ukraine mutual integration, collaboration and support in the field of culture & creative industries. After saturated group work and discussions we developed a snapshot of the guidances for the various areas of CCI ecosystem.
The significant fact about this event is that EU representatives were willing to listen directly to the Ukrainian voice and take it seriously into consideration to foster further activities of UA cultural actors in Europe and Ukraine. They were open to understanding the serious impact of the russian war on the cultural environment and ready to provide customized support. We want to express huge thanks to the Cultural Relations Platform and project experts Anna Karnaukh and Kateryna Kravchuk for inviting us to be a part of the research. Standing for sustainable cultural relations has always been one of our greatest missions. 
Edinburgh International Culture Summit took place in the heart of Scotland at the end of August. The Ukrainian delegation including our project manager Inna Lytovka had an honor to be the main focusof the special event called Cultural Leadership Dialogue. 
It was the rare opportunity for the leaders of some biggest Ukrainian cultural institutions to present their heroic case-studies of coping with russian invasion consequences, while reaching out directly to the same-level international Art Ministries representatives and cultural managers. While working in the groups, get the common vision that it's time to switch the focus from emergency ad-hoc help to strategic support of Ukrainian culture by establishing long-term international links and cooperations.

Following that Dialogue, in the big Debating Chamber of the futuristic Scottish Parliament building, it was a pleasure to hear powerful messages of Oksana Zabuzhko and enthralling bandura tunes of Maryna Krut, which have surely touched every single heart in that huge formal room. Big applause to the Ukrainian Institute for organizing this valuable presence at the Summit, and for inviting Music Export Ukraine to be a part of it.

It was a great pleasure to participate in ‘A cultural relations response to the war in Ukraine’ conference initiated by the British Council in June 2022. Throughout the day, Ukrainian and British participants brainstormed the opportunities to make Ukraine heard and to strengthen our international partnership. The discussions were connected not only to Culture andArts, but also Education and Youth Engagement. All current challenges and gaps were carefully cpatured for further analysis. As a result, a set of practical recomendations were created with an opportunity to update and align cultural policies of the biggest industry players in culture and creative industries.