Pohoda festival 2022. Slovakia


It was a great pleasure to spend the jubilee 25th Pohoda Festival promoting Ukrainian music and fundraising help to Ukraine. Ahead of the event, together with Всеукраїнська Асоціація Музичних Подій - ВАМП (UAME) and Atlas Festival we cooperated on the promotion of Ukrainian artists. As a result, there was a wonderful Ukrainian lineup on all three days of the Festival, namely: 

Initiated by the festival’s organizers the Music Saves UA zone in the heart of the Pohoda Festival was a popular place where the united team of MEU and UAME have been raising awareness about the consequences of the Russian invasion to Ukraine and our heroic musicians, who defend our country right now, as well as collecting donations for the humanitarian support of Ukrainians affected by the war. In addition, we used this opportunity to promote the emerging and well-established Ukrainian artists to make sure people are in love with Ukrainian music. 

During the three days of the Festival hundreds of people experienced: 

  • Divination into the Ukrainian music via predictions quoting the songs of nearly 100 Ukrainian artists and music-based quests
  • Blue-yellow make-up which enhanced a solidarity mood all over the Fest 
  • Ukrainian-themed tailor-made merch that filled up the donation box with a significant sum for a future humanitarian aid
  • Infographics explaining the current war situation and explained the importance of constant support to Ukraine
  • Photo exhibitions and VR Zone, to discover the consequences of russia's invasion of our country.

In result, our team managed to collect donations for humanitarian needs, covered half of the audience with Ukrainian-themed makeup, did (almost) a couple of millions of streams of Ukrainian music via interactive games, and highlighted the importance of European support to the brave Ukrainians, who are protecting the whole continent.

Big up to the Pohoda festival for the invitation and enormous support! Cheers to Всеукраїнська Асоціація Музичних Подій - ВАМП (UAME) and Atlas Festival teams for preparing the gorgeous Music Saves UA zone, making us part of the team and working hand-by-hand for the support of the Ukrainian people. Congratulations to all Ukrainian artists for their great performances and for making this festival so special for everyone of us!