Other music conferences and events 2022

Our project manager Marianna Tanska participated in first networking trip of Baltic Indie Group BIG - is a network of 10 independent music businesses from 8 countries around the Baltic Sea aiming to build long lasting relationships to simplify cross-border promotion and distribution of music, touring of independent artists in the region.
The delegates discussed the common problems, ways of cooperation and how each partner will contribute to the development of the network. In addition, Welfare Sounds record label hosted a delegates tour at their recording studio with cider treats.
Also a part of the trip was a Viva Sounds festival, where networking expanded to the delegates from the whole world, showcases in multiple venues and a conference with insightful panels. Marianna took part in a “Around the world” panel where alongside Cesar Andion (LIVE NATION ES) and Evelyn Sieber (Reeperbahnfestival) presented their perspectives on export and it’s current realities, increased importance and impact of international networking.
Amazing job Westside Music Sweden in organizing Viva Sounds in creating friendly and productive environment, looking forward to all the opened new opportunities.
Late October we had the pleasure to participate in the EMEE European networking missions, prepared by our colleagues from EMEE to the most important Spanish-speaking and Basque music business event on the continent, BIME in the beautiful city of Bilbao.
We have met the organizers behind the event itself Last Tour, who do not only this high-profile conference and club festival but also stay behind numerous open-air festivals in the Basque Country, have gorgeous venues and numerous other creative facilities.
It was a great pleasure to participate in the pitching session by LATAM representatives, who presented us with great events they do on the other continent — from Argentina to Colombia and back and get the insights of the Basque market from the colleagues at Euskal Herriko Musika Bulegoa
And a BIG up goes to the whole team at BIME Pro for hosting us. We are very inspired but the number of opportunities a huge Spanish-speaking market is suggesting for artists on both sides of the Atlantic. 
This October we also had an intense trip to Paris as a part of EMEE networking mission delegation and MaMA Music & Convention. French market is very diverse and full of discoveries! Our co-founder Dartsya Tarkovska was pleased to join the international team to establish new connections and search for opportunities to introduce Ukrainian music to the French music market. Together with her colleagues from export offices, she met some French industry professionals, discovered new music and participated in a meetup with international importers at MaMA. More is yet to come!
In May Dartsya Tarkovska (MEU co-founder) joined World Hope Forum. Together with other Ukrainian entrepreneurs and creatives, she shared more details about MEU activities before the beginning of the war and the pivoting moment in their activity afterwards.
Forum was built as a global platform for sharing and deepening knowledge, adapting innovative management methods of business, restarting production, using the ingenuity of the world's best experts to create alternative models and rethink the systems of production, consumption and exchange.
It was such an honor for our co-founder Alona Dmukhovska and Ukrainian artist Sasha Koltsova to participate in the Music x Media conference in Finland, which celebrates its 33rd anniversary this year. Thank you Music Finland for the invitation and for putting such an important topic as a highlight of the event! The talk “I need ammunition, not a ride.
”Culture as a weapon of war" united the Foreign Minister of Finland, representative of NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence, organizers of cultural events, and other creatives. Happy to make the Ukrainian voice heard with the aim to unite the whole world in a fight and support of our brave nation. And culture might be among the most powerful tools to make it happen. But security comes first. Arm Ukraine now!
Photos: Cecilia Arontaus and Miikka Varila

On 16-18 of September, Tetiana Stadnyk participated in the music conference and showcase festival Music Navigator, or short, MuNa, in Prague, Czechia. She participated in a panel discussion together with the Ukrainian band Гапочка / Gapochka where they spoke about the contemporary music scene in Ukraine, some barriers that musicians face entering the music industry, gender equality, and most importantly about music being a weapon to fight against Russian aggression. The panel was moderated by the Czech independent music journalist Michaela Peštová.


On 1-3 of September, Tetiana joined Live at Heart in Orebro, Sweden, one of the biggest industry conferences and showcase festivals in Scandinavia. Together with Ukrainian artist Shayri, Tetiana participated in a panel discussion "Ukraine and the meaning of music" moderated by the journalist Lars Ströman, and shared some insights on music export from Ukraine during the panel "Meet the Europeans" where music professionals from all over Europe shared some of the tips of working in their region.
From 5th to 7th September, Music Export Ukraine was at Andalucia Music Forum in sunny Spain. What an adventure it was! Three days of networking, meetings, and understanding the specifics of the Spanish and international music market. Our project manager Diana Dadonova shared her experience at the panel dedicated to Women Careers in Music alongside with talented Alexandra Ampofo (Metropolis Music), Jess Kinn (One Fiinix Live), Inma Grass (Altafonte), Angela Dorgan (Ireland Music Week) and Cindy Castillo (madcoolfestival).
It was also important and precious for us to have a chance to tell more about the challenges we’ve met in Music Export Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale war. This mission was also supported by the wonderful performance of Maryna Krut. Grateful for inviting us to the first edition of Andalucia Music Forum. Special thanks to Cesar Andion and the entire Andalucía Big team for making it possible.
Gracias y te veremos pronto!
Alona Dmukhovska's appearance at ILMC was one of the first after the beginning of a full-scale war. Together with Sasha Yerchenko (Smart Event Agency) she pointed out the current state of the Ukrainian music industry and the importance of the support.
It was great to debut at c/o pop Festival and convention in Cologne in April having our co-founder Alona Dmukhovska as a delegate this time. There was also a secret gig of a Ukrainian artist, which was super-special!