BUSH 21. Budapest


Another amazing year of swooping with two Ukrainian acts at BUSH! Budapest greeted us warmly, and we also had some nice plans in return:

  • performance of two bands
  • Ukrainian reception, where we met our friends and industry professionals from the Balkan to the Baltics.

Ukrainian activities were held as a part of Extra Sound program, created by the Ukrainian Institute in partnership with House of Europe.


So from our side in the showcases took part Disappeared Completely - indie-pop trio from Kyiv, turning life into a real-time movie, аnd electro-pop band Gurt [O] - sweet cosmic voice with the outstanding music producer.  The Ukrainian reception was remembered not only by the warm welcome and discussions about the music business. Vocalist Olya (Gurt [O]) sat down at the piano delivered a secret gig by making some impromptu on the piano. This added even more warmth to the Ukrainian reception.

As for the Disappeared Completely, the band was delighted to see some fans comming from other countries and even asking for a little encore. We were extremely happy that the First Secretary of the Ambassador of Ukraine to Hungary was also present during the reception and performance of Disappeared Completely.