MEU support program

In order to support the Ukrainian music community and to deal with the consequences of the Russian invasion and war, Music Export Ukraine is launching the support programme. 


Ukrainian music talents invested time and efforts in their art for dozens of years. Music is the unified language around the globe and deserves to be protected. It remains a powerful soft power tool and an integral part of cultural diplomacy during the war. With this support program we want to provide the financial help to Ukrainian artists, so they could continue working and be represented internationally. 



  1. Fundraising, so we can give small scholarships for artists to stay afloat;
  2. Connect European promoters with the Ukrainian artists abroad, so they can cooperate for the charity concerts and longer creative cooperation;
  3. Closely work with music media, blogs and radio stations worldwide to spread the information about Ukrainian acts and current situation in the country;
  4. Develop an online platform for a job search in the music industry in the EU and beyond. We have contacts of hundreds of European music organizations, who would be happy to provide jobs for Ukrainian specialists. We stimulate their cooperation and economic stability of our sector in a long-term perspective. 

The whole industry will suffer stagnation and stabilization for a long period of time. Our industry stops among the first ones and can be recovered among the last ones. Music talents have a right to live, be safe and continue their work and this is why this support program was created. 


If you’re a Ukrainian musician and need our support, please fill in this application form

If you want to make a donation to Music Export Ukraine NGO, please see the details below. Reports on the funds used will be published on a monthly basis on this page. 

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- August - December 2022. We helped to finance 25 Ukrainian initiatives of international collaboration and production costs in the amount of 1000 EUR each. Find out more about each cooperation here.

- May 2022. With the help of our international creative community, we’ve managed to make scholarship payouts to 10 MEU artists, commitment-free. We were happy to cooperate with them over the past few years and strongly believe in their future: Disappeared Completely, DZ'OB, O. Official, OY Sound System, Postman, Sasha Boole, THECASTLE, The Unsleeping, Tik Tu and Zbaraski.