In 2021, British Council Ukraine and Music Export Ukraine went digital for Selector PRO with fingers crossed. We needn’t have worried: the format worked so well we decided to go digital again in 2022. Selector PRO — Ukraine’s longest running music educational and networking forum is turning 5 this year. Musicians and industry reps from the UK, Europe and Central Asia, mark the date —18-19 February 2022 — for our intensive schedule of professional talks, workshops and priceless networking oppos. Attendance at Selector PRO is, as always, free-of-charge, but we do ask you to register prior to kick-off.

2021 was another challenging year for the music industry professionals, but one that also held the promise of real industry-wide transformation. However, it’s not the first turbulent year, and the industry has been actively working throughout 2021 on pandemic damage assessment. With this year’s forum moto ‘The Ever-changing New Normal’ we are shifting our focus from the more well-known issues and trends like digitalization and online presence, towards those which we feel will become more relevant in the future. 

This year’s forum is rooted in real-world industry issues but committed to staying a step ahead of what’s coming down the line. We’re calling on the strength of the music community — its hard-won experience and record of mutual support — to do the work of defining “the new normal” on our terms. What does that mean? Simply, that Selector PRO 5 is bringing together dozens of industry professionals from the UK, Europe and Central Asia to tackle the big ongoing and upcoming industry questions. 

The Selector PRO forum will have 8 moderated panels covering a range of music industry topics, taking place in an easy-to-use online platform providing a handful of features such as networking environment, interactive workshops and discussions, 1:1 matchmaking rooms, and a resource library to watch streams again. Plus, you can’t gripe about the price. The Selector PRO digital forum is free-of-charge with prior registration.