Hi there! We’re Music Export Ukraine (MEU) and we work to bring more
Ukrainian artists on the international scene.

We provide the following services

1. Artists’ preparation for international showcases and accompanying them at the event to use all the possibilities
2. Marketing and strategic consultations about building artist international presence;
3. We organize international music conferences that work as a one-stop-shop for meeting Ukrainian music industry;
4. We work with international funds and organize exchange projects for musicians and art managers to develop their talents and network;
5. If you’re a foreign booker/label/journalists and would like to know more about Ukrainian music — drop us a line and we’ll provide you the needed info.

Our team

Alona Dmukhovska. Co-founder // since 2018
I've been working in the music industry for almost a decade. Starting as a volunteer for the music festival, soon I grew to the position of program director at the biggest festival stages in Ukraine. I believe in the power of education and networking. Since co-foundation of MEU, showcased local talents at professional events in more than 20 countries, lobbied sector needs in Ukraine and Europe, did dozens of international projects, became the expert in European funding. And strangely, I still enjoy the music!
Favourite gig: Nine Inch Nails at Mad Cool festival 2018
Favourite TV Series: The X-Files
Favourite Book: Unknown Pleasures' by Peter Hook
Dartsya Tarkovska. Co-founder // since 2018
Since 2017 I provide management support for Ukrainian artists at European showcase festivals, create capacity building and international cooperation projects, and collaborate with industry stakeholders from 20+ countries. At MEU I oversee project delivery, coordinate the team and consider myself to be a giggly ray of sunshine. Also, I am a founder of music consulting agency Soundbuzz and speaker of international music conferences. Besides, I was the organizer of the first music conferences in Ukraine and brought up the concept of music networking to the local community.
Favourite gig: Dakhabrakha at Gogolfest 2007
Favourite TV Series: Twin Peaks
Favourite Book: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Inna Lytovka. Project manager // since 2018

I support annually conducted music conferences, participate in foreign music showcases as a delegate or speaker, and am really passionate about building an international foundation for the Ukrainian music industry. Besides, I'm interested in video production and have experience as a line producer in media and filmmaking.
Favourite gig: Evanescence in Kyiv, 2019
Favourite TV Series: Friends
Favourite Book: Поклоніння ящірці by Lyubko Deresh
Tetiana Stadnyk. Project manager // since 2020

I write grants and manage projects at MEU. I also facilitate networking and non-formal education events. I have been writing and managing projects since 2015, with a passion for creating spaces to connect people and knowledge.
Favourite gig: All of them! I am easy to impress
Favourite TV Series: -
Favourite Book: Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi; Lobbying for Change by Alberto Alemanno.
Marianna Tanska. Project manager // since 2020
I’ve started with different activities from monthly newsletters and articles about Ukrainian artists’ latest releases to assisting in project management and handling social media for the Study of the Music Market of Ukraine. Also, I have been practicing in MEU’s side projects, helping to pursue our common goal – making our beloved Ukrainian music known worldwide!
Favourite gig: Muse in Houston'2019; ONUKA at Atlas Weekend in 2021
Favourite TV Series: Man in the High Castle
Favourite Book: City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert
Mariia Marchenko. Project manager // since 2021
Whenever there's a task to write a press release, prepare an artist bio or outline a content plan - that's my time to shine. I also help with coordinating projects as well as finding new local tunes worth listening to. Currently looking into music supervision, which could definitely become another nice export opportunity.
Favourite gig: Karl Frierson
Favourite TV Series: Friends
Favourite Book: Harry Potter by Joanne Rowling
Oleksandr Sverhun. Project manager // since 2021
I am working on the BALTIC AID 2.0 project. I've interviewed excellent Ukrainian musicians and helped to organize international conferences. I have my own studio and work with several musical projects. And it is Music Export that helps me understand where to go and get invaluable information and opportunities not only for myself but also to create it for Ukrainian artists!
Favourite gig: Snarky Puppy і Chick Corea & The Spanish Heart Band at Leopolis Jazz Fest
Favourite TV Series: -
Favourite Book: The game of hopscotch by Julio Cortázar
Diana Dadonova. Project manager // since 2022
I’ve joined the team recently, but already enjoy getting to know the process of music export. My role is to help the team with the different tasks, including coordination of international booking opportunities. Besides managing a Ukrainian tour for a band, reviewing local music for media, and writing press releases, I have over 4 years of experience in digital marketing.
Favourite gig: The National at Summer Well Festival 2019; and Palace at Wuk in 2019
Favourite TV Series: Lovesick
Favourite Book: Meet Me in the Bathroom: Rebirth and Rock and Roll in New York City 2001-2011 by  Lizzy Goodman
Yevhenii Skrypnyk. Internship alumni // 2022
I’ve joined the team MEU as an intern because I think Ukrainian music is our cultural code, and it’s good to know how to spread it around the world. That’s what I do locally in Shum.Rave with the music of Donbas Region.
Favourite gig: PlanN series
Favourite TV Series: Californication
Favourite Book: Memories of my melancholy whores by Gabriel García Márquez